What is a Roller Bottle Bash?

Every month, on the 4th Saturday of the month, at 11:00 am (Pacific), groups gather all over the country to learn, laugh, and share in a little essential oil magic!  

How does it work?

Oil lovers gather for 60-90 minutes, once a month. The first 30 minutes is spent with everyone joining a Zoom Room online, where we will discuss the theme for the month, and introduce the roller bottles that will be made that day.  Then the host will disconnect the Zoom Room (if wanted - there will be someone in the Zoom Room for the remaining 30 minutes to answer any questions.) and spend the time socializing, connecting, sharing oil stories, and making roller bottles! 

Would you like to HOST a Roller Bottle Bash? What's required of a host?

A Roller Bottle Bash host, is asked to provide the following:

  • A space to hold the gathering each month.

  • Provide the materials for the roller bottles (Roller bottles, labels, oils, and fractionated coconut oil)

  • Provide light refreshments

  • Have a few essential oil reference books on hand

  • Have the ability to connect online to the Zoom Room and make it visible to attendees.

  • Provide a fun & comfortable learning experience for those who attend

  • Be open to welcome people invited by other team members

  • Provide a free Happy Zap roller bottle to first time guests

  • Provide a free Seasonal Blend roller bottle to anyone who opens a wholesale account at the event.

  • Collect and keep $5 for each roller bottle made by guests.

  • Agree to our host guidelines (provided on the registration page).

Click on the button below to register to be a Roller Bottle Bash Host!

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