What is a Roller Bottle Bash?

Every month, on the 4th Saturday of the month, at 11:00 am (Pacific), groups gather all over the country to learn, laugh, and share in a little essential oil magic!  Each month, we will follow a specific theme.  Each month there will be 5 new roller bottle recipes fr you to choose from. You can make 1 or 5, or more! Each roller costs $5 and you go home with a great, handy personal remedy!

One of the biggest reasons for the Roller Bottle Bash is to socialize and build a great oil community!  These people will become friends and support for you as you learn how to incorporate oils into your home.  

How does it work?

Oil lovers gather for 60-90 minutes, once a month. The first 20 minutes is spent with everyone joining a Zoom Room online, where we will discuss the theme for the month, and introduce the roller bottles that will be made that day.  Then the host will disconnect the Zoom Room (if wanted - there will be someone in the Zoom Room for 90 minutes to answer any questions.) and spend the time socializing, connecting, sharing oil stories, and making roller bottles & friends! 

Can you attend if you aren't a doTERRA customer?

ABSOLUTELY!  In fact, every first time guest will go home with a free roller bottle called HAPPY ZAP! This blend of Wild Orange & Peppermint, is an awesome pick me up, energizer, and remedy for clarity and focus!   We encourage every participant to bring new people to each Roller Bottle Bash!  Bringing your friends and helping them develop a love and respect for oils will also benefit your own support network for you and your family's natural health! 

The Roller Bottle Bash's are however, exclusive to customers and members of the doTERRA team of Roger Webb.  Anyone invited by one of our team members is welcome to attend and participate! 

Will this be a sales pitch?

NO!  This event is to learn, have fun, and make friends. There isn't even a sales presentation.  Many people however, after experiencing the power of essential oils, do ask about opening their own wholesale doTERRA account.  Anyone who does open a wholesale account AT a Roller Bottle Bash event, will receive for free, a Seasonal Blend Roller bottle. This little wonder is amazing not only for seasonal issues, but great for all kinds of healing!

Would you like to attend a Roller Bottle Bash?

ANYONE is welcome to attend a Roller Bottle Bash! We have hosts all over the country, and are always looking for more! (If you'd like to host a Roller Bottle Bash, click here for more info on hosting)  All you need to do to attend, is click on the registration button below, and you will be added to the Roller Bottle Bash Mailing list! Each month, before the 15th, you will receive an email letting you know the theme for the month, and the roller bottles that will be made.  You will also be sent the details for the Bash in your area and information to contact your local host. 

Click on the button below to register to be a Roller Bottle Bash Host!

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