To make life easier for everyone, rather than holding a live membership overview monthly, we now have a fantastic way for you to have your membership overview right now! 

What is  Membership Overview?  

There are many components to your doTERRA Wholesale Account. It can be a bit overwhelming to learn them all. You may not have received a Membership Overview when you first enrolled.  If not, it is ideal to have your overview in person with the person who introduced you to doTERRA. If, for whatever reason, that's not able to happen, then you have an option to watch my 40 minute Overview video.  


We will cover things like: 

  • How can doTERRA positively impact multiple areas of your life!

  • What is the Loyalty Rewards Program (and all the details around it) 

  • What are your benefits as a wholesale customer?

  • What products can you use for specific challenges and health goals?

  • An introduction to many of doTERRA's different product lines.

To access the Membership Overview video, follow this link.

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