Effective May 15, 2017, changes were made to the LRP Advantage Program.

Going forward, the rewards will be as outlined below.


Q: If I didn't start on Loyalty Rewards when I enrolled, can I still participate if I start now??
A: Yes!  But you will not be eligible for the free Wild Orange. 
Q: If I am already on LRP, can I start in the Advantage Program? 
A: Anyone who has not been on LRP for the 3 consecutive months prior to registering, is eligible to participate. Your program starts when you REGISTER for the program. Not when you enroll in doTERRRA. 
Q: When will I get my free gifts?
A: Each month, we will process LRP Advantage Rewards. You should receive your gift within a month of earning it. 
If you have any other questions...  
Send an email to admin@learnabouteos.com

LRP Advantage is NOT a program from doTERRA corporate. It is an incentive program from your upline Diamond, Roger Webb.
This program may be cancelled/changed at any time.

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