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Lesson 2 - Continuing Education

The Video Password is 'wellness'

Lesson #2 Assignments:

  • Join the following Facebook Group: Learn About EOs

  • Ask the person who enrolled you to add you into My Oil Place. It's a closed group and you have to be added by a member.

  • Visit learnabouteos.com/oilcamp to register for the next Oil Camp.  (Oil Camp is required to qualify for free diffuser)

  • Check out doTERRA's Empowered Life Webinars HERE.

  • One amazing resource I forgot to mention in the video is the Daily Drop app!  Download it from the App Store or Google Play. (doTERRA Daily Drop) ad every day you will get a very short video and info on a different product with tips on how you can use them! 

Remember, when you complete all 10 (including this one) of the videos, and meet the requirements described in each lesson, I will send your free diffuser!   Watch your email for your next lesson! Or if you want to continue now, click here for the next lesson. (But be aware, the emails are automatically generated, so you will still get them)

NOTE: The free diffuser offer is available only for customers within their first 3 months of membership, unless you have not been active on the LRP program.  If you have been a customer for more than 3 months, but started on LRP within 30 days of completion of the Live Wellness lessons (including final survey), you will be eligible for a free diffuser as long as you met the guidelines described along the way.