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I Have My Oils, Now What?

Oils for Every Age

Non-Toxic Living

Gut Health & Nutrition

Essential Skincare

Stress, Sleep, & Emotions

Women's Health & Hormones

Essential Oils & Pain

When you complete all 8 classes, you will be sent a "graduation gift" worth $25! (if you want to repeat the classes, you'll get a different gift each time you finish all 8!)

These classes are for current doTERRA wholesale customers. Each class will be taught by a different person in our oil family and we promise that you will learn a ton! 

Each week there will be one or more prize drawings - so show up, participate, and maybe you will win something!! 

To make it easiest to join, please download the ZOOM app on your Smartphone.   If you are going to watch on a computer, please click on the link below (the pencil icon) prior to the class, to ensure the proper downloads are set and ready to go! 

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