Are you looking for an opportunity to change your financial situation?  


As a single father, raising 5 kids on my own, I was able to go from living on food stamps,  to a 6 figure income in just 20 short months.

Whether you are looking for a small supplement to your current income, or looking to replace your income, I have found a company that can support you in reaching your goals!  Take a look through this page.  Decide where you might fit in with my business.  Then fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.  One of our Wellness Advocates will contact you to see how we can support you in reaching your health, wellness, and financial goals!

I started my doTERRA business, after many failures in the MLM world. They ALL said "We are different!" and yet, none of them were.  I finaly found a company that is truly different.  doTERRA is aligned with my values, my morals, and my priorities.  As a single dad, I was able to find incredible success, and have built a multi-national essential oil business benefiting over 2500 families all over the world! 

I am looking for motivated people who have a strong desire to leave a legacy on this planet.  If you want to help others, and earn an awesome living in the meantime, we should talk. Today! 


I have a personal goal to help 100 single parents, and 100 married couples become financially independent!  

Are you one of them?!  Read on,  and then contact me!

Hello.  My name is Roger Webb.  I'm a single dad from Phoenix, AZ raising 5 amazing kids!  In June of 2013, I was given one of the greatest opportunities of my life... to build my own business, educating others on how to use essential oils to improve their physical and emotional well being.  In the past 20 years, I have been involved in several Network Marketing companies.  I had made the firm decision that I would never be involved in another one of "those" companies.    The idea was great, but over the years I had seen so many people get taken advantage of, chase their families & friends away, or spend a lot of money with no return and a garage full of products that they will never use!   In my previous career as a consultant I had worked with several start up network marketing companies, creating compensation plans, marketing strategies, etc.  I had seen too much!  It sealed the deal on my resolve to never get involved in any of these programs again.  I saw too many people (myself included) give everything, and receive very little. 


Never say never... 


Even in my distrust of network marketing, I always had a secret checklist in my head.  I thought, "If I were to find a company that met this criteria, I'd give it one more shot."  What was my criteria?


  • A company with a solid financial foundation. (the company I am with, is a young company with over a BILLION dollars in sales annually, and DEBT FREE!)

  • ​A company with consumable products that impact people's lives. (these products change people's lives, and we have a 65% reorder rate!)

  • A company that makes a difference in the world. (I could talk for days about this one!)

  • A compensation plan that anyone could make money with. (Early builder bonuses put real cash in your pocket very soon!)

  • The right team of leaders to enroll with. (Myself, and my entire upline makes 6-7 figures!)

I've found that company, and an incredible team of very successful leaders to build a business with.  As a result, I have had tremendous success empowering over a thousand people worldwide to take their healthcare into their own hands.  As a single dad, I struggled for several years to make ends meet.  I found myself taking so much time to (barely) provide for my family, that I got less and less time with the family I was working to support.


​I was hauling buckets...   It was time to build my pipeline!   In less than two years, I have quadrupled my income, and have since been able to retire from the three businesses that I previously owned.  I now have the time to devote to my family, and am empowering others to do the same! If you are tired of hauling buckets, contact me today, using the form below, to learn how to start building your pipeline!


In one of my previous careers, I was a consultant to the network marketing industry.  I knew many of the heavy hitters in several different companies.  It wasn't until now, that I found a team of people who I felt confident in building my future with!  Our team is truly one of the most powerful teams of network marketers I have ever seen.  Together, my upline and I make over $1,000,000 a month, and we are looking for individuals like yourself who want to change their lives and join us in making dreams come true!


This is NOT a get rich quick program. We have each worked HARD for our success.  We have learned what it takes, and would love nothing more than to help you reach the same level of success that we have achieved!  In just 7 years, we have become the 12th largest Network Marketing Company on the planet! Take a minute to read my own thoughts and experiences with MLMs below.


Take a look at the three levels of business builders we work with.  Decide which one describes you, your needs, and your goals, then let's talk!


Do you want to earn $50-$200 a month, to have a little fun money? Or maybe use this income to get your products for FREE?

TIME REQUIRED: 2-5 Hours a week.


Are you looking to earn $500-$1000 a month, to supplement your income? Or possibly to be able to quit a second job?

TIME REQUIRED: 5-10 Hours a week.


How would your life change if you were able to earn $5000 a month?  $10,000? $25,000? It's time to start dreaming. The leaders on our team have far surpassed even those monthly incomes!

TIME REQUIRED: 15-30 Hours a week.

The reasons I swore I would NEVER be in an MLM again, and why I changed my mind!


For most of my life, I have had a desire to make money working for myself.  At 12 years old, I was the youngest member of the American Rabbit Breader's Association. By 16, I had a fairly successful business raising and selling rabbits.   I always had the entrepreneur spirit.   Because of this, MLM was a natural fit.  I was ALWAYS the first person most of my friends would call, when they found a new "opportunity."  I dipped my toe in the water of MANY network marketing and direct sales companies. Over the years, I gave 3 or 4 companies a more than serious try.  I worked almost full time in each one individually, and yet never made the money I needed to make. My path led into a position where I was working as a consultant to many of the top leaders in the MLM industry.  I knew them well. I heard their stories. I saw their paycheck.  I will never forget the day that one of those leaders, who was making over $100,000 a month, told me she was considering leaving the MLM world all together.  She said it was too much work, and she saw too many people give everything they had, and make nothing.  That conversation struck me deep.  In my years as both an active participant in MLMs, and also as a consultant, I made several decisions about MLMs that led to my decision to never join another one again!  And yet, here I am... Read on to learn what changed my mind.


MLMs are more about recruiting, and building their business, than they are about products.  

The number one focus in doTERRA, even at the corporate level, is to share the message about essential oils with the world. Our products are 100% the reason we are here.  In fact, in a large majority of my classes and presentations, I speak about the business side of our business for less than one minute.  One of the things that caught my attention with my friend Diane, who got me involved, is that I never heard her talk about the business.  She talked about the products ALL THE TIME!  And I saw her financial success come quickly and consistently!  A company who isn't product focused has no stable foundation.  80% of my "team" are only customers, and yet I have had significant financial success, reaching a 6 figure income in less than 2 years!


MLMs are all the same.

I have seen, heard of, and been a part of so many MLMs that said "We aren't like any other MLM!" yet, what I saw was the same thing over and over again.  Companies that claimed to be product focused, and yet trained only on how to become wealthy.  The message is always the same in the internal training. "If they don't want to build a business, move on!"  That mentality left a very bad taste in my mouth.  They change their label, yet underneath it all, they are the same as everyone else!   The hype, the glamour, the pressure to buy a garage full of product... call it whatever you want, it's still an MLM.  We, embrace the fact that we are an MLM.  We are determined to show the world that MLM doesn't have to be like that.  We don't claim to be anything but what we are, and what we are, is a company with incredibly high ethics, values, and morals.  We focus on our mission of sharing the life-enhancing benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oils and essential oil enhanced wellness products with the world. There is nothing in their about making people rich, or building businesses!  One of the greatest minds of our time, Thomas Wilhite, said, "Man will be paid in direct proportion to the service he renders to mankind."  This has been a quest of mine since I heard it in 1997.  To change the world, and let the Universe pay me accordingly.  doTERRA has allowed me to accomplish this!


It's almost impossible to reach wealth in MLMs unless you enroll with the "right people."

This one, I actually agree with still.   And yet as easily as I write that, I know many people in this company who have reached high levels of advancement and income without enrolling with the "right people."  With that said, I believe the philosophy that Millionaires create Millionaires.  One of the reasons I joined the team I did, is because I saw my friend Diane reach incredible success very quickly.  When she shared with me who her upline was, I knew that I would be successful.  Every person above me makes over $15,000 a month.  Most of them make 5 times that.   With them as my mentors, I knew I could do this - if I listened to what they taught me.  AndI was right!


MLMs put money/business over relationships.

I have seen and experienced many leaders in MLM actually teach that "your friends and family will support you if they truly believe in you.  If not, move on and find someone else!"  I have seen high ranking leaders in other companies, put their business over their marriage, their children, and their friendships.  I have seen families broken up because of the MLM drive for greater wealth and success.  It's sad. Families and relationships are more important than anything we have in life.   Last year, I was involved in a 4 month contest that doTERRA holds, that found me on the road a lot.   I had a situation at home that needed my attention and I considered quitting the contest to focus on my family.  I received calls and messages from several top ranking managers and executives at the company level.  Even one of the owners reached out to me.  They wanted to me to know that I had their support no matter what. EVERY ONE OF THEM told me that my family is more important than anything this company could offer me, and that they would be there for me.  I was blown away.  


Most MLMs are created by MLMers who had success... not business professionals.

doTERRA was founded by a group of individuals with the highest moral compass I have ever seen.  They are people with a solid background in business, and get this... in Essential Oils!   They are not MLMers who wanted to start their own company!  Because of this, our company is run like a BUSINESS!


MLMs have VERY high attrition, with a very LOW reorder rate.

Of course we have some attrition. Every company does! However, doTERRA averages a 65% reorder rate!  That is unheard of in the world of MLMs!  Why is our reorder rate so high, and our attrition so low? There are a few reasons.  

  1. Our products not only work, they change lives.  When someone finds an answer to a health issue, and it's cheaper, safer, and more effective than what they have been doing with their doctors, it's a no brainer!  

  2. We focus on product education.  We TEACH our customers how to enhance their lives with our products.  Our products become a part of day to day life.  

  3. doTERRA has amazing promotions, incentives, and rewards that keep people coming back!  

  4. We are committed to having the BEST essential oils in the world.  As soon as you use them, you know that's true.  

  5. We truly care about our customer's lives, health, and well-being. 


MLMs are all hype.

I have been to several MLM conventions that although they are exciting, motivating, and rewarding, the overall feeling, has always been that I attended a high school pep rally!  We are about business.  There is a way of motivating that comes from deep within the mission of the company.  The very first thing I do with any new builder on my team, is to get them focused on their "Why" - not their financial why necessarily, but the why that drives them from a deep emotional place.   We connect with our teams on a personal level, about life... about the things that truly matter... and then we take that connection and use it to change the world.  No hype.  No fluff.  Just real people, sharing life changing products with the people they love in a way that is welcomed by most.  Our convention last year, was attended by over 20,000 people! There was no pep rally!  Instead we were taught by our leaders how we can take our mission out into the world, and impact people's lives! THAT is something I can get behind!  We have no need to bring hype, because the company leads with it's heart. 


MLMs are ALL about money, success, and glamour.

Every company has it's leadership magazine, full of pictures of big checks, mansions, flashy cars, jewelry, etc.   You will never see that in our Leadership magazine!  You will see pictures of families. You will read stories about our top ranking leaders, making a difference in the world!  I was featured in a recent issue!  Take a look HERE and go to page 26!


I will lose friends because of the MLM mentality.

Because of our approach to business, I actually have many more friends today, than when I started this business 2 years ago!  I have not had ONE friend leave my life becasue I pressured them, pushed them, etc.  I have never had a friend (or anyone else for that matter) regret any purchases they made to support me in my business.  In fact, they have all thanked me over and over again for introducing them to our products that have in many cases allowed them to free themselves of serious physical and/or emotional health challenges. 


Most MLM products are fads

I have marketed Super Special Jungle Juices, Home Security Systems, Weight Loss products, Home cleaning products, cookware, vacuums, Candles, etc.  Each time, as soon as the fad passed, so did my income.   Why is doTERRA different?  How do I know it's not just a passing fad?

  • The world is ALWAYS going to have health and wellness issues.

  • People are getting more and more fed up with medicine, doctors, side affects, etc.  89% of the US is looking for Natural Solutions.

  • Everyone you know has some health/emotional issue they would be happier without.

  • Healthcare is a 4.5 Trillion dollar industry.  It's not going anywhere!


Most MLM products are not truly consumable products that people need.

When money is tight, and people are struggling financially, the first thing they will typically cut from their budget, are the non-essentials.   Most MLM products are not truly essential for the person buying them.  They are just buying them from a different source, often at a higher price, in order to make a check (that usually doesn't come close to covering what they spend on said products!)  When you are able to help someone find a solution to a physical or emotional challenge that is impacting their quality of life, these products are no longer disposable.  They become necessities of life!  Our products gave me my life back!  Not taking them is not an option for me! They have become as important to my health and well being as food!  and I know MANY other people who have had similar experiences!  I buy these products because I need them.  I use them.  They aren't stacked up in boxes in my garage.  They are sitting out in my home being used by me, and my my kids EVERY day. 


Most MLM philosophy doesn't align with my core beliefs/principles.

I have a very strong gauge on what companies, products, people, etc. I am willing to invest my time in.   I believe in making a difference.  I believe in leaving this world a better place because I am here.  Most MLMs I have experienced, speak of making a difference, yet at their core, they are really only focused on making a bigger paycheck.  One of the big deciding factors for me, is a simple question... Would I buy these products if I wasn't making a paycheck?  The answer is a very strong yes!  The reason, is because of the mission, vision, and purpose of doTERRA.  They see the same future that I have been working hard to create for myself, my kids, and the world! Here is just a little bit about why our company's mission is so important to me:

  • doTERRA is committed to making the world a better place in every area where we touch it!

  • doTERRA's commitment to quality.

  • We have a charity, created and financed by doTERRA, that does TREMENDOUS good all over the world! 100% of the money raised is spent doing good.  The company pays ALL of the administrative costs of the foundation!

  • Our commitment to science and research. There is amazing science behind the power of essential oils and doTERRA is on the cutting edge of that science! 

  • Even when I was just "a little guy" I mattered, and was known by the owners of the company.  They truly care about EVERYONE!

  • The things that matter in life are the things that matter to doTERRA. Period. 


I could clearly go on and on.  I give gratitude daily for the opportunity that this company has given me.  We are growing by record numbers EVERY DAY!  I'm happier at my core than I have ever been! I am surrounded by a team of amazing people who all share my commitment to impact the world!  I invite you to contact me, if even to just have a conversation. Come see what we have for you here.  Come see how we can impact YOUR life!  Fill out the form below, to contact me directly. I will contact you and see if there is a place for you on our team!   I look forward to connecting with you and walking with you on this journey of natural health & abundance!

If you would like to learn more about the business side of essential oils, or if you just have questions about doTERRA, about Network Marketing, or about anything else you reada here, use the contact form below and we will be in touch ASAP!

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