Congratulations on your decision to build a dōTERRA business!


This is your 11th of 12 lessons designed to teach you everything you need to know to build a successful dōTERRA business!

Whether you want to earn a little or a lot, the only difference is the amount of time and commitment you put into your doTERRA business.  These lessons are designed to not overwhelm you, while allowing you to learn at your own pace!

Here's how this training program works:

  1. Follow the steps on this page and complete Lesson #11. 

  2. Complete the short form by clicking the button on the bottom of the page.  Both you and your mentor will get a copy of your answers via email as soon as you complete the form.

  3. After you complete the form -  before you move on to the next lesson, contact your mentor (the person who enrolled you, or the person who is supporting you in building this business) and discuss what you learned.  Ask questions, and discuss next steps.  You should do this after EVERY lesson. There is a reason an it is very important that this step not be skipped. Take time to discuss EACH lesson with your mentor before moving on. 

  4. CONGRATULATIONS you are all done with the training Program... and yet, it's just beginning!

Lesson #11

Things to Know

There are several things to be aware of as a member of the Wellness Warrior Team. This lesson will help you know where our team resources are as well as other important information for you to be aware of.  There is a lot on this page. BE careful not to get overwhelmed... You can always come back and refer to this, so browse through for now and begin learning these key things that will support you on your success! 

Step 1: Learn about our Facebook Pages

We have 3 Facebook Groups you should be aware of. (Your upline may have other pages you are interested in joining. It's important that you not overload yourself with too many groups. It can be overwhelming - talk to your mentor about which groups are best for you.)

If you are not on Facebook, I have a recommendation... create a fake page that you just use for doTERRA. You don't have to add friends or see any of the other stuff on Facebook. This will simply allow you to be in touch with what is happening on our team.

You can click on the Group name for a link to that group, so you can request membership:

Wellness Warriors - This is our team page. All business related announcements and trainings are posted here. 

Learn About EOs - This page is for ALL of your customers and anyone you invite to join, who is interested in learning more. This is NOT a group where they can post questions. There is a TON of amazing information on every product.  If you know someone is interested in Copaiba for instance, add them to the page (with their permission), search for Copaiba posts, and tag them. Learning from other people's testimonials and experiences can be VERY powerful!  In this group, we often have product challenges, contests, and giveaways to help our customers learn! 

My Oil Place - This group is run by Diane Shephard, our Presidential Diamond Upline. This is a VERY robust oil support group! You and your customers can ask questions about oils, ailments, etc. and get an answer pretty quickly. Thee are over 10,000 people in this group and many of them are very knowledgeable.  Often, if someone asks me something in a class that I don't know the answer to, I'll post in this group and typically have many answers and solutions before class is over! 

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you take at least 5 minutes a day to browse through the Wellness Warrior Group and the Learn About EOs Group to catch any new announcements or information.  When you see posts that are relevant to your builders and customers, tag them to make sure that they see them. Make it a daily habit and you will have more success in your business. 

Step 2: Team Call 

Every Monday, at 5:00pm Pacific Time, Roger goes LIVE in the Wellness Warrior Facebook Group. This call is super important to stay up to date on training, announcements, etc.  It is ALWAYS ideal for you to attend live, and if you can't, the recording is immediately available to watch.  If you can't make it live, please make every effort to watch it as soon as you are able to. 

Right now, put an event in your calendar (with a notification set to remind you) to be on the team call every Monday at 5:00pm Pacific Time! 

Step 3: The Live Wellness Program

It is critically important that every one of your customers is brought into dōTERRA correctly.  There is a lot to teach them, and it can be very overwhelming for both you and them. 

Roger has created a GREAT program to support your customers in learning all the ins and outs of their wholesale account. They will receive a welcome email within . week of enrolling. This email comes from Roger.  In this email, they are introduced to this program that they are automatically enrolled in, and given an opportunity to unsubscribe if they don't want to participate.


They will receive 10 emails, each with a SHORT video, teaching them another small aspect of their membership. When they complete the program, they are sent to a form to fill out.  Of they complete 3 of the most important tasks assigned during the program, Roger sends them a free diffuser! 


Those tasks are:

  1. Get an oil reference book/app

  2. Participate in a Lifestyle overview with their enroller

  3. Start the Loyalty Rewards program

Currently, about 90% of customers who complete this program, get on LRP! This is HUGE in supporting their health and your business. 

All you have to do to support them in this, is have a simple conversation when you enroll them, that goes something like this: "You will be getting a welcome email from one of my business partners. His name is Roger, and he wants to help you succeed in your life of health & wellness! Watch for his email and read it. HE has a program for you to learn all about your membership, with 10 short emails that you will receive fro him. All you have to do is participate and follow his instructions in this program, and when you are done, you can earn a free diffuser!"

If you do not have this conversation, they think my email is SPAM and they do not participate. This program has ONE purpose... to support you in building a high retention rate with your customers!  I tell all my customers about it, and I follow up with them about a week later to make sure they got the email, and are participating in the program. 


This is our team website. Take some time to browse and learn all of the resources that are available to you and your customers!  You can click on the link above to see the site.

There is a ton of educational information on this site.  Feel free to refer friends or those interested in learning more.  Anyone who ever contacts me (Roger) through this site, interested in enrolling, is ALWAYS asked who referred them. I will ALWAYS send them back to you to get them enrolled!

The customer Only section is password protected. That password is 'wellness' - This section has 2 parts:

  • Live Wellness - resources for our customers

  • Share Wellness - resources for our builders

Videos, training, and resources will continually be added to these Members only pages.

Step 5: Mentor Calls

One of the MOST IMPORTANT things you can do to ensure your success, is to set up a REGULAR mentor call with your mentor. Ideally, you want to talk at least once a week. This call is a chance for you to get support with your business, and to have a second set of eyes to see things that you may be missing. It is important to make this a permanent part of your calendar, and treat it like a very important business meeting.  If you do not have a mentor call already scheduled with your mentor, stop right now, and shoot them a text asking if you can get something set up! 

If your mentor is also new to the business, it's a great idea to have a group mentoring call together with their mentor, where you are all receiving mentoring together on the same call. 

Step 6: Builders Club

Roger has created a special program called Builders Club. This is an opportunity to get more in depth training and support in your business and to participate in monthly CASH incentives for building your business! 

There is only ONE requirement to be in Builders Club... Enroll a minimum of ONE person a month with an enrollment order of at least 100pv. 

Every month, at the beginning of the month, Roger will post those who have qualified and invite them to join the Builders Club Facebook Group.  Once you are in Builders Club, all you have to do to STAY in Builders Club, is continue to have at least one enrollment over 100pv per month! Anyone in Builders Club who does not meet this monthly requirement, will be taken out of the Facebook Group, and has the opportunity to requalify the following month. 

Step 7: Corporate events

doTERRA holds several corporate events throughout the year. IT is VERY important that you as a leader, make every effort to attend them all!



Every September, doTERRA holds our International Convention in Salt Lake City. This event is not optional for builders.  It is VERY important that you attend, for so many reasons! Convention is an amazing opportunity to really get a pulse on the company and who we are.  There is training, recognition events, and powerful speakers.  35,000 people form all over the world come together to be taught and inspired!

I understand that there is a financial sacrifice to get to convention. Trust me when I tell you that it's worth it! With carpools, shared hotel rooms, etc. the costs can be reduced. There is always a way!   y advice to everyone, is to take $100 a month and put it away for convention. That makes it much easier. 

Any Diamond leader in doTERRA will tell you, that those who don't come to convention, rarely have success in growing their business. It is one of the most important events of the year! 

Spring & Fall Tours:

Every Spring and Fall, doTERRA holds events all over the country. Thee are amazing events to attend for training, networking and support. There is also always an evening session that is GREAT to bring prospective customers to!  Find out where you closest event is, and make every effort to attend! 


Every March, doTERRA has an amazing opportunity for Silvers and above, to come together and learn, celebrate, have fun, and connect with other leaders. This is one of my very favorite events every year, and I strongly suggest that EVERYONE make every effort to qualify and attend! You have to hit the rank of Silver or above at least one time during the qualification period to attend. 


Holy cow! This is an AMAZING event!  Every year, doTERRA takes over some amazing resort at some amazing location and celebrates!  Imagine rubbing shoulders with the executives and leaders of the company. There are no name tags, no formalities... people connecting and experiencing life in amazing locations!  Qualification period is generally from March - August, and ll you have to do is enroll people and get them on LRP.  You can qualify with as few as 25 enrollments in the qualification period!  You can earn your accommodations, airfare, and even spending money! 

Step 8: Oil Camp

We hold an Oil Camp every month! Oil Camp is a 10 day Facebook thing that helps new customers learn about the products and different ways to use them. It's ben massively successful in solidifying customers and has helped many customers decide to be builders! 

It always starts the 2nd Monday of the month. There is a registration link every month, and it can be hard to keep up with the latest link to register. I have made this easier... All you need to do, is send your people to, and it will always have the newest registration link programmed. 

Step 9: Training Videos

Between Roger & Diane, we have a ton of training videos that will help support you in building your business.  They are here to support you, with a caution... Don't get so caught up in "learning" that you stop teaching and enrolling" - use these to supplement your knowledge or for a good resource. 

CLICK HERE to go to Roger's                    channel. 
CLICK HERE to go to Diane's                 channel. 

Step 10: Roller Bottle Bash

A roller Bottle Bash, is a monthly event for you to host for your customers and prospective customers.   It is not mandatory, although it is HIGHLY recommended, because it starts building your oil community! 

Here's how it works: 

  • You must register to be a host. Register by CLICKING HERE

  • You will receive an email with needed supplies.

  • In the first few days of every month, you will receive an email with the Roller Bottle Theme, recipes, etc for the month.  You will also get a link to a video that is pre-recorded with Roger & Diane, teaching about that month's theme and roller recipes.

  • You invite everyone to join in, and they get the chance to make rollers for their own use, and they pay you $5 for each one that they make. 

This is a great way for customers to learn about new oils and for prospective customers to have fun playing with oils, and learn the benefits of using them! 

Step 11: Recommendations from Roger

I am SUPER excited to have you as a part of my oil family!   Building this business can be overwhelming to some, and I'd love to give you just a few pieces of advice to help keep you grounded & successful! :)  Please know that most of the things I'll share as my recommendations don't come just from me, but from may other Diamonds and above that I've had conversations with...

  • Take the time needed to complete the Deepen Your Why Program. Having a solid Why/Mission is critical to your success!

  • Until you are Gold/Platinum, don't create your own business or user groups or pages on Facebook. Small groups have a hard time creating momentum and excitement. Besides, there is a lot of work and time needed to build and maintain content.  Use the groups that your upline have already established! The more people in these groups, the more momentum there is and the more excited it is for those participating. 

  • Learn to get disciplined with your time.  That's KEY to your success. 

  • Get really good at FOLLOW UP! We have a lot of training to help you with that! 

  • Don't try to reinvent the wheel  or create multiple class topics. Get really good at teaching ONE class and follow the formula that has been set up for you by those who have done it!  Those I see who follow the plan that we lay out for you are having success... those who think they need to do it "their way" struggle. 

  • Be engaged with the team events and Facebook Groups!

  • If you start to feel overwhelmed, don't quit... have a conversation with your upline for support, and slow down or restructure. :) 

  • The most important advice I ever got was this - you are only allowed to quit on a good day! 

  • If you ever get discouraged by the lack of money you are making compared to the amount of time and money you are spending, always go back to your why.  IT WILL PAY OUT, but you have to KEEP GOING! I have seen people quit JUST before their business is about to turn the corner! 

  • Be open to, and participate in Personal development.  Your life can not turn into your dream unless you expand your life!  Personal development is critical for success in this business! 

  • Always know that your success is more important to your upline than anything else. We are here to help... reach out to us, and take advantage of our knowledge!

  • If you aren't consistently teaching and enrollling, your business will not grow. 

  • I love and appreciate you and I'm always here for anything you need in regards to your business! 

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