Congratulations on your decision to build a dōTERRA business!


This is your 3rd of 12 lessons designed to teach you everything you need to know to build a successful dōTERRA business!

Whether you want to earn a little or a lot, the only difference is the amount of time and commitment you put into your doTERRA business.  These lessons are designed to not overwhelm you, while allowing you to learn at your own pace!

Here's how this training program works:

  1. Follow the steps on this page and complete Lesson #3. 

  2. Complete the short form by clicking the button on the bottom of the page.  Both you and your mentor will get a copy of your answers via email as soon as you complete the form.

  3. After you complete the form -  contact your mentor (the person who enrolled you, or the person who is supporting you in building this business) and discuss what you learned.  Ask questions, and discuss next steps.  They will give you the link for the next lesson. Take time to discuss EACH lesson with your mentor before moving on. 

  4. Repeat until you are all done! 

Lesson #3

It's time to LAUNCH your business!

This lesson is a bit longer, and should be done when you have an uninterrupted hours to focus.  Prior to watching this video you need to either print a Launch Guide (HERE) or purchase one from doTERRA (HERE)  It is very important that you have your own Launch Guide to work through. You may have been given one by your enroller) 

Step 1: Watch the video below.

Step 2: Set your Launch goals with your mentor.

Step 3: Download the memory jogger and very thoughtfully follow the steps that are laid out to start creating your contact list.  Download it HERE.

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