Congratulations on your decision to build a dōTERRA business!


This is your 4th of 12 lessons designed to teach you everything you need to know to build a successful dōTERRA business!

Whether you want to earn a little or a lot, the only difference is the amount of time and commitment you put into your doTERRA business.  These lessons are designed to not overwhelm you, while allowing you to learn at your own pace!

Here's how this training program works:

  1. Follow the steps on this page and complete Lesson #4. 

  2. Complete the short form by clicking the button on the bottom of the page.  Both you and your mentor will get a copy of your answers via email as soon as you complete the form.

  3. After you complete the form -  before you move on to the next lesson, contact your mentor (the person who enrolled you, or the person who is supporting you in building this business) and discuss what you learned.  Ask questions, and discuss next steps.  You should do this after EVERY lesson. There is a reason an it is very important that this step not be skipped. Take time to discuss EACH lesson with your mentor before moving on. 

  4. When you complete the form, you will be sent to a confirmation screen with a link to the next lesson!

  5. Repeat until you are all done! 

Lesson #4

Sample, Invite, and Teach Successful Classes!

Learning the best way to sample, invite, and hold successful classes will quickly support you in building a powerful, sustainable, and successful Diamond business!  Watch these short videos, and take lots of notes! 

NOTE: If any of my videos are ever password protected, the password is 'wellness'.

Step 1: Watch the video below.

One of my favorite ways to sample now, is using Roller Bottles. It costs about the same to me, uses the same amount of oil, and makes it super easy for those you sample to know how to use the sample! 

Step 2: Make sure you have the supplies needed to sample effectively.  Your mentor can help you with a list of everything you need.

Step 3: Watch this video...  (password is wellness)

Step 4: Practice the inviting questions until they roll off your tongue easily! 

Step 5: Watch this video...  

Step 6: Make a cheat sheet for you to post near your desk or work area, outlining the steps to ensuring a successful class!

Step 7: Learn to teach a Natural Solutions Class

There are AMAZING resources in the Empowered Success Program to teach you how to teach a GREAT class!  CLICK HERE  to go to that page, and spend some time watching the videos there.

Remember, you have to teach 5 bad classes before you can teach a good one, and 5 good classes before you will teach a GREAT one!  So get them out of the way. Stop waiting! Start teaching! And know this... you don't have to KNOW everything before you start teaching! 

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